S03 E10: A Triad of Influence: Power, Knowledge, and Truth

WhyWork Podcast by Alan Girle, Trajce Cvetkovski, & Sara Pazell

Episode notes

Season 03 Episode 10: WARNING: content on the influence of sex and culture on workplace boundaries is discussed in this episode.

"We're back to sexual boundaries!" Sara exclaims. "We never left," Trajce concedes. Trajce presents the influence of Foucault's post modernistic views on our understanding of the 'Triad of Influence: Power, Knowledge, and Truth' ."The mix of knowledge and power creates a truth when espoused as fact by a politician, medical specialist, or famous person in a privileged position," explains Trajce, "and it is most alarming when these people leverage these influences to execute nefarious deeds or satisfy sexual needs." Alan clarifies, "In these cases, sexual coercion may be used as an expression of dominance and power."

Trajce prompts the team to reflect on the 1943 'Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, a Theory of Motiv ... 

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