S01 E05 - 5. Attorneys Building Strong Communities

Why We Do The Work by Beyond Toxics

This episode features a conversation with Oregon's very first Environmental Justice lawyers. Join us as we discuss our lives, our work, and most importantly...why we do the work in the first place!

Host: Arjorie Arberry-Baribeault

Guest Speakers: Teryn Yazdani & Rebeka Dawit

Oct 13 2022

Hello and welcome to another episode of Why We Do the Work.
I'm Arjorie and I would like to remind folks what we were talking about last week.
Again, this is a podcast about childhood cancer and today we're in Portland, Oregon, but what
we're talking about is West Eugene, down in Eugene, Oregon.
To remind you, there is a creosote plant down there that is no longer in operation called
J.H. Baxter that has wreaked havoc on the Bethel community for decades.
So now they are no longer in operation, but there's a whole lot of cleanup to be done.
There's a whole lot of laws and policies that need to be made.
And I'm joined here today with Teryn Yazdani.
Did I say your last name right?
Yazani, you are very close.
Yazdani, I'm here with Teryn Yazdani and Rebeka Dawit.
Got it.
Rebeka Daw

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