E20 - Creating A Happier and Healthier Life with Jason Wojo

Strive to FI by Hadaway Financial LLC
We're back!In this episode, I sat down with Jason Wojo. Jason is a former student, then coach turned CEO of Lifeonaire. After earning a PHD and working as a doctor, Jason realized that there was more to life than just hammering away at work, especially for entrepreneurs who are regularly spending 40+ hours working on their business. It is  ...  See more
Feb 27 2023

Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Strive to Fi podcast.
As always, I'm your host, Joseph Hadaway, and today I'm speaking with Jason Wojo.
Jason is the CEO of Life and Air.
He has quite a long resume that includes quitting his job in 2011, real estate broker, business
consultant, and of course, a Life and Air coach, later CEO.
We're looking forward to getting into that.
How are you doing today, Jason?
Good, man.
Thanks for having me.
Looking forward to it.
I'm excited to see you taking the time to come on.
I've learned doing this podcast for actually going on a year now.
No one talks about themselves better than you can, so I gave you a short bio.
Wojojtj, can you tell us about yourself?
Yeah, man.
Well, I mean, first of all, let me just tell you, I never in a million

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