What's Up with Betsy Johnson

by Betsy Johnson Oregon

Former legislator and long-time political observer Betsy Johnson of Oregon discusses issues of the day.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 20

  • Turkey talk

    Turkey talk

    Betsy reveals her Thanksgiving dinner plan, and discusses life after the Legislature.

  • Season 1

  • Education funding

    Education funding

    Betsy weighs in on public education funding and a trip to Portugal to study drug policy.

  • Oregon's Initiative Petition 3

    Oregon's Initiative Petition 3

    Betsy weighs in on a proposed animal rights initiative petition. More information is available here:https://www.greateridaho.org/oregon-animal-rights-ballot-initiative-ip3-is-a-threat/https://www.yesonip3.org/

  • Why try to fix Portland?

    Why try to fix Portland?

    Betsy talks about Portland Police possibly looking at a new building for Central Precinct, and why she takes such an interest in Portland issues.

  • Traveling with the Treasurer

    Traveling with the Treasurer

    Betsy talks about a recent tour of some Oregon businesses with State Treasurer Tobias Read.