What's Up with Betsy Johnson

by Betsy Johnson Oregon

Former legislator and long-time political observer Betsy Johnson of Oregon discusses issues of the day.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Electricity in the air

    Electricity in the air

    Betsy takes a look at the issues surrounding electrical capacity in Oregon.

  • Finding flags

    Finding flags

    Betsy tells the story of flags belonging to Japanese soldiers from World War II being reunited with their families.

  • Primary thoughts

    Primary thoughts

    Betsy looks ahead to Oregon's primary and talks about the races she's watching.

  • The Slide of Government

    The Slide of Government

    Betsy talks about a number of reasons the public is upset with how government is running on the local, state and federal levels.

  • Barging in with good news

    Barging in with good news

    Betsy looks back on the launch of the 438′ x 105′ x 25′ deck cargo barge Makani Loa March 7, 2024 at Gunderson Marine & Iron in Portland and reflects on its impact.