Wes-Del WarriorCast

by Biff Wilson

The podcast home of Room C-10 at Wes-Del High School, Gaston, Indiana. Podcasts are produced by the media class of Biff Wilson, classroom teacher.

Podcast episodes

  • 20 Questions: Richard Green

    20 Questions: Richard Green

    Amaya and Savannah tabulate 20 Questions with Wes-Del Business teacher Richard Green.

  • 20 Questions: Darby Nicely

    20 Questions: Darby Nicely

    Alex, Bella, and Emma calculate 20 Questions with Wes-Del math teacher Darby Nicely.

  • 20 Questions: Janet Nicholson

    20 Questions: Janet Nicholson

    Baleigh, Aubrey, and Keylie sit down with Wes-Del Special Education Teacher Janet Nicholson

  • 20 Questions: Amy Cullum

    20 Questions: Amy Cullum

    Savannah and Amaya search for the secret to Wes-Del front office secretary (and retired teacher) Amy Cullum's abundant energy in today's 20 Questions.

  • 20 Questions: Trice Shumaker

    20 Questions: Trice Shumaker

    Baleigh se sienta con la maestra de Wes-Del, Trice Shumaker, para responder 20 preguntas.