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Join myself and our talented readers as we transport you into the fantastical wizarding world of Harry Potter! Join us on Facebook at HogsRead. Share your experience with the beloved series. Share your Patronus! Share your House! Love and respect! Oh, and I know how some of y'all feel about J.K. Rowling, so I'll say this; #TransRightsMatter If you would like to support the Family With Benefits Team, you can become a Patron o ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • The Very Secret Diary

    The Very Secret Diary

    Harry steals a journal and meets a head boy from Hogwarts past! Also, the creepiest song is sung in the entire history of Harry Potter. Huzzah!We're back to try and finish off The Chamber of Secrets. Thanks for sticking around!

  • The Polyjuice Potion

    The Polyjuice Potion

    Be comfortable with who you are, everyone. You don't need any tricks or potions to do detective work. It's almost as if these young folks forget that they have an invisibility cloak.Thanks for joining us for another chapter as we push towards the end of the Chamber of Secrets.We love you all. And calling all people interested in voice work! We are currently looking for folks to join us for new roles in The Prisoner of Azkaban! Inquire in the HogsRead Facebook group, just search for HogsRead.

  • The Dueling Club

    The Dueling Club

    Some of these youngsters are about to duel! No worries, though, it's being taught by Lockhart. So...only the best! In this chapter, the Heir of Slytherin does more damage to the mudbloods! And even...a GHOST!Thank you for choosing to join us for our 28th episode of HogsRead and the 11th Chapter of the Chamber of Secrets. If you're interested in voicing some characters, please reach out to me on the social medias! You'll find it easier to reach me through the HogsRead group on Facebook. All are welcome!

  • The Rogue Bludger

    The Rogue Bludger

    Nothing like having a tube sock for an arm while also attempting a beautiful potion heist and talking to a talking wind sock that's trying to "save" you. That's what Harry has to deal with just in this chapter alone!Thanks for checking back in with us as we get through the back 9 of the Chamber of Secrets. Follow along with us, find us on HogsRead and voice one of the characters yourself! We are quickly approaching the Prisoner of Azkaban!

  • The Writing on the Wall

    The Writing on the Wall

    I would normally put up a silly summary of this particular episode but I just really want to thank Jhae from the Hard Parking Podcast for lending his voice to Professor Binns. Also, with the same amount of gusto and love, I really want to thank all of YOU for listening and collaborating and love this just as much as I do.Stick around for the rest of The Chamber of Secrets because The Prisoner of Azkaban begins in 2023!