The Dorm RoomExplicit

by Charlie Rook and Baxter Friedman

Official podcast starring Charlie Rook and Baxter Friedman. Designed for a good time and to make some memories talking to some cool people. Conversations with mostly athletes and content creators but really anyone with a dope story.

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 09- Andy Glaze

    Episode 09- Andy Glaze

    Really insightful interview with an ultra marathoner who currently holds a streak of 160 100 mile plus weeks. We cover topics from how to be mentally tough in those races to beliefs on ice baths and cold plunges. Tune in for an incredible conversation

  • Episode 08- Coen Skrypnek

    Episode 08- Coen Skrypnek

    Join us for one of our favorite conversations so far with a 19 year old Mountain Biker Coen Skrypnek. From Squamish British Columbia in Canada. We cover all topics from how to deal with pre race anxiety to the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

  • Episode 07- Chris Derrick

    Episode 07- Chris Derrick

    Join us for an incredibly informational podcast with one of the most successful College and High school Cross Country/Track athletes to ever do it. Chris Derrick talks to us about how he gets into running, what he's up to now and everything in between.

  • Episode 06- Elijah Hughes

    Episode 06- Elijah Hughes

    We sit down with Defensive lineman Elijah Hughes to talk about his background in football, his future at USC and a lot of other fun stuff along the way. Join us for an interesting conversation

  • Episode 05- Mitch Cashion

    Episode 05- Mitch Cashion

    We sit down with a four year Tulsa soccer player originally from College Station Texas to talk about mental toughness, being overlooked, and his own future in pro soccer. Tune in for a great conversation