Episode 12 - Leading in the Renewable Energy and Clean-Tech Sectors

Ways Women Lead - 6 Group by Anna Gromadzka

Episode notes

Caterina Gorni is the founding partner of Oaktree Renewables and P3 Renewables, companies specialised in the development, financing and management of renewable energy assets, including solar, wind, hydroelectric and biogas.

Caterina has over 20 years of experience in Renewable energy investment which includes private equity and exposure to the entire investment cycle (from origination to exit), having mainly focused on developing, financing, building and operating renewable energy assets.

Caterina is passionate about renewable energy and clean-tech sectors and she aims to share her passion and contribute to the development of those sectors by providing advice and support to investors and start-up businesses in their growth strategies.

In this episode of Ways Women Lead, Caterina shares the story of her career progression in the  ... 

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