Episode 8 - Breaking the glass ceiling

Ways Women Lead - 6 Group by Anna Gromadzka

Episode notes

Alia Zafar was the first woman on the Board of Governors for Pakistan Cricket Board. Currently holding the role of the Group Head of People and Organisational Excellence at The Bank of Punjab. Alia is also a writer on historical art from Punjab and a senior mentor for women leaders in Myanmar.

Alia has 27+ years of experience in public, corporate and development sectors including Energy, Finance, Health, Telecoms, and Technology, having worked for organisations such as The World Food Programme, United Nations Development Programme, Crown Agents and most recently Askari Bank and The Bank of Punjab.

She has been a keynote speaker on Digital Transformation, Leadership and Management, and has also co-authored the book "HR Directory of Terms" as part of the ISO 260 task group.

In 2012, she was recognised as “HR Professional of The Ye ... 

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