Episode 16 - Feminine Leadership

Ways Women Lead - 6 Group by Anna Gromadzka

Episode notes
Emmi Marjetta has over 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding. She has worked throughout her career within the technology field, where her journey has led her into rapidly expanding environments such as cybersecurity and circular economy.Emmi is a leader of high-functioning, global teams and speaks frequently about authentic leadership style and empowerment. Emmi is a co-founder of a network Feminine Leadership Circle, which is a community built to enhance leadership skills, find empowerment, and discover exciting ways to unlock an individual´s potential. Emmi is an advocate of the feminine leadership style, that leans towards the traits that are traditionally described as feminine, such as empathy, collaboration, and receptivity.In this episode of Ways Women Lead, Emmi shares her insights on how her leadership journey be ...   ...  Read more
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