Watch With Jen - S4: E8 - Pierce Brosnan's Bond Era with Julia Ricci

Watch With Jen™ by Jen Johans

Episode notes

At the end of classic 007 pictures, the words "James Bond will return" filled the screen. And although there is no actual screen available on Watch With Jen because it isn't a video podcast, James Bond has indeed returned for the second time in our series run so far, following the success of our very popular Roger Moore episode in season two. And once again, my lovely, funny, crackerjack guest Julia Ricci is back.

A Film Programming Manager at Heartland Film in Indianapolis, Indiana, which organizes the Heartland International Film Festival, and the Academy Award-qualifying Indy Shorts International Film Festival, Julia has been part of the programming team since 2018. Selecting films for the festival's shorts, features, and retrospective slates, she has programmed 17 short films that went on to become Oscar nominees and winners in the Liv ... 

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