Watch With Jen - S4: E6 - KNIGHT AND DAY & LONG SHOT with Maria Lewis

Watch With Jen™ by Jen Johans

Episode notes
Having recorded several extra episodes in February & March in the lead-up to Season 4, it's a true delight to sprinkle a bunch of these bonus conversations into the new season, both as a surprise & also my sincere way of thanking you for making the podcast more successful than it's ever been before. While eventually, we will ease back into weekly releases, for now, I hope you're enjoying these frequent uploads & finding a lot of great movies to explore. Returning for the first time since season one, we have the witty & wonderful Maria Lewis. A bestselling author, screenwriter, & film curator based in Australia, over the past eighteen years of her career, Maria Lewis has built a great reputation as a storyteller across a diverse range of mediums she's the author of over ten internationally published novels, including the upcoming  ...   ...  Read more