Watch With Jen - S2: E51 - Gothic Cinema with Walter Chaw

Watch With Jen™ by Jen Johans

Episode notes

If you're going to go gothic, the best person to bring along is undoubtedly victorian literature and romantic poetry scholar Walter Chaw.

A very good friend and the sharp yet humanistic critic whose work you can and should read at FilmFreakCentral, it's always an honor and a pleasure to talk about film, art, life, writing, sex, gender, and Hitchcock with Walter and today's discussion is no exception.

In this richly philosophical, inquisitively minded, film obsessives only two-hour episode, we take a look at five twentieth-century cinematic classics, including Rebecca, Jane Eyre (1943), My Name is Julia Ross, The Night of the Hunter, and The Innocents (1961). Going deeper into plenty of other movies as well (because this is Walter Chaw and me, after all), we went into so much deta ... 

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