Wake Up Winden: A Podcast for Dark, The Beforeigners, Equinox on NetflixExplicit

by Bryan Hickey

Wake Up Winden originally started as an episode by episode recap of Netflix's Dark. We also covered Equinox, which debuted on Netflix in late 2020. Currently covering HBO Europe's The Beforeigners.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 6

  • S06 E07 - Beforeigners S2 E1

    S06 E07 - Beforeigners S2 E1Explicit

    Bryan is back after a week off to talk about the premiere of Season 2. Jack the Ripper has timigrated, it's happening. Alfildir and Lars battle with some personal problems, King Olaf tries to take his name back, and a new case h...

  • S06 E06 - Beforeigners S1 E6

    S06 E06 - Beforeigners S1 E6Explicit

    Bryan recaps the Season 1 Finale! What a doozy of an episode, I forgot to mention how the Chief of Police wanted to do pilates with Lars! I do talk about the dramatic picnic, the return of Olav the Stout, Alfildir's past, Lars' jo...

  • S06 E05 - Beforeigners S1 E5

    S06 E05 - Beforeigners S1 E5Explicit

    Bryan is back to recap the penultimate episode of Season 1. Everything comes crashing down for Lars, Alfildir makes a reckless decision in a parking lot, and Tore Hund joins a fight club.

  • S06 E04 - Beforeigners S1 E4

    S06 E04 - Beforeigners S1 E4Explicit

    Bryan recaps a fun episode of The Beforeigners. Ingrid and Madeline's Ben Dover stunt goes awry, Lars befriends his ex-wife's husband, and Alfildir expands the Oslo PD's search methods.

  • S06 E03 - Beforeigners Season 1 Episode 3

    S06 E03 - Beforeigners Season 1 Episode 3Explicit

    Bryan recaps episode 3 of the Beforeigners from HBO Europe.