Wake Up Winden: A Podcast for Dark, 1899, The Beforeigners, Equinox on NetflixExplicit

by Bryan Hickey

Wake Up Winden originally started as an episode by episode recap of Netflix's Dark. We also covered Equinox, which debuted on Netflix in late 2020. Currently covering Netflix's 1899. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 7

  • S07 E07 - 1899 S1 E7 "The Storm"

    S07 E07 - 1899 S1 E7 "The Storm"Explicit

    Bryan and Jerry discuss the penultimate episode of 1899. We also talk about the cancellation some more, the response to the cancellation, and our theories for the finale.email: wakeupwinden@gmail.com

  • S07 E06 - 1899 S1 E6 "The Pyramid"

    S07 E06 - 1899 S1 E6 "The Pyramid" Explicit

    Bryan and Jerry are left reeling with the news that 1899 will not be renewed for a second season. We talk about that news at the top of the podcast and then get into sixth episode of the season.

  • S07 E05 - 1899 S1 E5 "The Calling"

    S07 E05 - 1899 S1 E5 "The Calling"Explicit

    Bryan and Jerry discuss the new twists and turns on the ship. A lot of revelations in this episode so we discuss new theories.Feedback: wakeupwinden@gmail.com

  • S07 E04 - 1899 S1 E4 "The Fight"

    S07 E04 - 1899 S1 E4 "The Fight"Explicit

    Bryan and Jerry check in at the midpoint of 1899 to gauge how we are feeling about the show. We talk about Jerome and Lucien's flashback, which ominous device you'd rather possess, theorize about Maura Franklin, and more.Email - ...

  • S07 E03 - 1899 S1 E3 "The Fog"

    S07 E03 - 1899 S1 E3 "The Fog"Explicit

    Bryan and Jerry talk about the Captain's current predicament, secret identities, language miscommunication, the mysterious company and everything episode 3 in this episode.*We forgot to bring up a crucial scene with the first offi...