Being Peace Part 2 (Episode #10)

The Wake Up London Podcast (Part of The Plum Village Tradition) by Joe Holtaway

Episode notes

Welcome to Episode 10, Being Peace Part 2.

This episode looks ahead to the UK Plum Village Practice Centre Fundraising year - that begun with the Fundraiser Launch on March 26th

We have a long conversation with Sister Tam Muoi and Brother Thien Chi from Plum Village who are about to set off on a UK and Ireland tour to coincide with the fundraising.

Short sharings in this episode come from Lama Rod Owens, Christa Awad, Sister Chan Khong and Sister Chan Duc all from the Being Peace Fundraising evening.

2 community messages: Twan tells us about a Climate workshop for activists and talk given by Sister Chan Duc in London on Sunday May 12th and we also have a announcement about Metta Circle Sudan, a fundraising evening in support of those affected by escalating situation there on Sunday May 14th.

We have a guided meditat ... 

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