Being Peace Part 1 (Episode #9)

The Wake Up London Podcast (Part of The Plum Village Tradition) by Joe Holtaway

Episode notes

Welcome to Episode 9, Being Peace Part 1.

This episode looks ahead to the prospective UK Plum Village Practice Centre - beginning with the Fundraiser Launch on March 26th

We have a long conversation with Kasia from Wake Up London and Communications at Plum Village UK about her experience of arriving at Wake Up London, dance and mindfulness and her role at Plum Village UK - which at the moment is helping prepare for the Fundraiser.

Short sharings in this episode about Sangha come from 2 of our presenters for the launch: Rehena Harilall and Monica Max West, and Wake Upper Tom Manwell.

2 community messages: Stronger On Sundays (most recently Melissa James speaks to Lama Rod Owens) and a reminder of the Being Peace Practice Fundraiser Launch from Joan Halifax, Charles Eisenstein, Kaira Jewel Lingo, Lama Rod Owens and Krista Ti ... 

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