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Podcast episodes

  • Tech In Music

    Tech In Music

    Tech is in everything. From our healthcare, to our cars, TVs and music. But some say tech has no place in music. But does it? On this episode we're joined by producer, musician, and host of Micro Break Michael J. Maione, to talk a...

  • Let's Talk Podcasting!

    Let's Talk Podcasting!

    The world of podcasting has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years!.But how long will it last? Does podcasting have a future? If you have a podcast, what are some helpful strategies to help you sustain and grow your audienc...

  • Being Man Enough

    Being Man Enough

    Many men struggle with what it means to "be a man". But can the faces we wear to appear to be "man enough" actually be masks hiding issues underneath? Corey Hilton joins us to talk about it, and his new book "Take It Off".Take It...

  • Become Unmuted

    Become Unmuted

    What if your trauma could become your triumph? What if the first step was to simply stop trying to hide it? Altovise Pelzer joins us to tell us we can do just that! She shares how using her own life story has helped to uplift and ...

  • Back To Life with Daniel Reyes

    Back To Life with Daniel Reyes

    After spending several weeks in an "End Of Life Room", Daniel was determined to make significant changes to his health. He shares his journey with us, which has ultimately brought him back to life. From speaking at a Cardiologist ...