Voluntary Input

by Leo Allen

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Podcast episodes

  • Overcoming Social Barriers

    Overcoming Social Barriers

    York Campbell, author, sound editor, producer, poet, and host of Welcome To Earth Stories (a Sci-Fi Anthology) joins us to talk about censorship, equity, empathy, and what it means to simply be a good Earthling.To learn more about...

  • From Psychology To Film

    From Psychology To Film

    On this episode, we talk with actor turned self-taught filmmaker Bo Roberts about everything from psychology, life and filmmaking during to COVID lockdown era, self discovery, and his new film "The Great Awakening", which was acqu...

  • Data Literacy

    Data Literacy

    We seem to hear about data on a day-to-day basis. However, the things we hear about it tend to revolve around Social Media and the likes of Google.But is there more to data than the gloom and doom tech stories we tend to get from ...

  • The Impact Of Web3

    The Impact Of Web3

    Expert Sam Kamani joins us to talk about the current and future impact of Web3.Sam is the Chief Web3 Strategist for Moonstream.to, Moonstream is the Web3 engine for Blockchain based games. Moonstream has handled over $2.5 Billion ...

  • Cognitive A.I.

    Cognitive A.I.

    On this final episode in our A.I. series, we speak with Kate Dudzik about one of the most fascinating aspects in the field - Cognition.Kate has been researching, writing, and exploring themes in Cognitive Science since 2014. She e...