Meet Emily, Resilience Story #7, Author and inspired, curator of healing stories

Voices of Resilience Radio by Chrissy Gillmore

Episode notes

At the age of 39, Emily was flooded with memories of being sexually abused by her father - someone whom she “adored and admired.”

“At age 39, I was a divorced mother of a toddler, working as a therapist for sexually abused children, and completing my dissertation,” Emily says….And at this same age, this is when her darkest memories came flooding in.

In this interview, psychologist, Emily Samuelson (Ph.D.) and I talk about the book she curated with stories of healing from those who experienced childhood sexual abuse across the United States, and also weaved between her chapters topics from her own story of healing, Soaring above the ashes: Thriving beyond sexual abuse, and the ways she has used resilience too.

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