Views in Paradox Film ClubExplicit

by Jon Olson and Rochalle Racine

A filmmaker, an actress, and usually a guest discuss a new film each week. Follow us on Instagram @viewsinparadox to find out what's to coming, and join our Facebook Group if you love to talk about film! 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E06 - On the Waterfront - ViP Classics

    S02 E06 - On the Waterfront - ViP ClassicsExplicit

    On the Waterfront runs deeper than expected as it leads us to discuss how films can influence people and affect change. Join Jon, Danielle, and Jose, three filmmakers, as we find out just what made this film was such a contender.

  • S02 E05 - The Great Dictator - ViP Classics

    S02 E05 - The Great Dictator - ViP ClassicsExplicit

    Jon, Danielle, and Jose discuss one of the works of the world's first movie star, Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator. This anti-nazi propaganda comedy is unlike anything we've ever seen, and feel especially poignant for our pane...

  • S02 E04 - Seven Samurai - ViP Classics

    S02 E04 - Seven Samurai - ViP ClassicsExplicit

    It's a long episode for a long film as Jon, Danielle, and Jose get into the themes, production, and lasting legacy of Akira Kurosawa's seminal masterpiece Seven Samurai.

  • S02 E03 - Seventh Seal - ViP Classics

    S02 E03 - Seventh Seal - ViP ClassicsExplicit

    In which we examine Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator, a film that strikes a chord with our hearts and speaks to the present moment as much as to the past.

  • S02 E02 - Metropolis - ViP Classics

    S02 E02 - Metropolis - ViP ClassicsExplicit

    This week we tackle Fritz Lang's Metropolis, a sci-fi dystopian blockbuster with untold lasting influence upon both the world of cinema and the world at large.