The Heritage Story of Vie&Sante: Episode 1

Under The African Sky Podcast by Vie&Sante by Vie&Sante

Episode notes

In a faraway land at the bottom of Africa lies the Boland, a magical place blessed with abundant water and breathtaking landscapes. Here resides the Safari Squad, a team of extraordinary animals dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all creatures.

Led by Themba the Secretary Bird, the Squad includes Zonke the Lion, Fundani the Elephant, Bonolo the Buffalo, Khuselwa the Rhino, and Thozoma the Leopard. Together, they protect and nurture the land and its inhabitants from their enchanted treehouse.

Inspired by the beauty and vitality of their home, the Squad names their kingdom "Vie and Santé," meaning "Life and Health" in French. They embark on missions to help children worldwide stay healthy, crafting special gummies with unique powers.

Through their adventures, the Squad explores various health challenges faced by children, usi ... 

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