Episode 028: The Thing From Another World (1951) vs. The Thing (1982) (Remake Redemption Episode 002)

The Videostore Junkies by The Videostore Junkies

Episode notes

It's another thrilling episode of Remake Redemption, where we discuss an original film and its remake, and pass judgement on them both! How does the original stand up today? Did the remake deserve to get made?

In this, our second installment of the Remake Redemption feature, we look at The Thing From Another World - the 1951 horror film which would inspire a generation of filmmakers in the 70s and 80s - and John Carpenter's The Thing - the 1982 film from one of those inspired filmmakers, which would go on to inspire another generation of filmmakers in the 21st century.

As an added bonus, we also discuss John W. Campbell Jr.'s "Who Goes There?", the novella on which these films were based, and the lasting legacy of this story across a variety of media. Strap your flamethrower on and get ready - it may be nearly summer, but we're s ... 

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