Innovation by Design - The Testing Phase

PIVOT & GRIT by Vaughan Broderick

Episode notes

Welcome back to the show everyone.

This week we’re letting our inner mad scientist loose by prototyping and testing our ideas.

You'll learn techniques to prototype and test ideas, why low fidelity, failing often and early is critical and mindsets that matter.

Some common pitfalls are:

  • Not dedicating the time for testing

  • Over analysing instead of doing

  • Weak data - what people say instead of do

  • Looking for evidence that only confirms your hypothesis

  • Not doing enough experiments

  • Failing to learn from insights and iterate

  • Getting others to do the testing

Top tips are:

  • Don’t fall in love with your idea

  • Start low fidelity and increase as you gain evidence

  • Expose the concept ... 

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