Innovation by Design - The Creating Phase

PIVOT & GRIT by Vaughan Broderick

Episode notes

Welcome back everyone.

Today’s show we get back to innovation by design.

After validating desirability, we now work on feasibility, starting with the creating phase.

Before we lean into that, just a reminder about last weeks episode on Brains, bravery and belief - a model from Dr. Christian Walsh used to help entrepreneurs learn from failure, which is something that we need to adapt to during feasibility. Check that show out for more context into failure than simply failing fast.

Let’s get back to creating. I think what’s helpful is to understand that creativity is introducing something new into the world, your organisation or yourself that is novel and useful.

Which means that there are various levels of innovation and innovation doesn’t have to be the next Air B’n’B.

When I started thinking and learning about ... 

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