The Power of Yet, Failure and Conquering Imposter Syndrome

PIVOT & GRIT by Vaughan Broderick

Episode notes

Hi and welcome back. In today’s episode we’re going to talk about how a simple three letter word has the power to change your mindset, your business, your life -YET.

If you listened to my last episode about pivot and grit, then you would have also learned about Grit. We’re going to tale this thinking a step forward today and talk about growth mindset, the importance of failure, YET and also how these can help combating imposter syndrome.

Let’s start with failure. We’ve probably all got a fear of failure, fear of being embarrassed or shown up - I know that I did. The thing that we have to realise is that failure is learning.

When we’re building a business or innovating, failure is not only going to happen, in fact it’s necessary! The key here though is that we want to be building our capabilities to detect and analyse failure whi ... 

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