Varey Tales

by Nick Varey

Short stories and soundtracks, written and composed by Nick Varey. These stories are inspired by one-word prompts and convey messages of philosophy, humanity's struggles and emotions, all through the lens of off-the-wall scenarios.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • I Remember How We Forgot

    I Remember How We Forgot

    This episode is based on the prompt "Aerosol Can". A post-apocalyptic bedtime story, within a story, of course. Follow Roger, Helen, and the Reverend, as they inform an inquisitive Willy about a past world, all of its indulgences, and its untimely end. Narrated by myself, Nick Varey. Thanks to Tiran Aakel, Colleen Daley, Harry, and Luke Roberts.

  • Greetings From Mars

    Greetings From Mars

    This episode is based on the prompt "Postcard". Follow Jana, a new Mars HQ intern, as she communicates with her family back on Earth. A coming-of-age tale that offers themes of separation, friendship, and the wonders of the solar system. Narrated by Noor Mandviwalla.