Interview with George Clanton (100% Electronica) about Electronicon 2023 (Episode 4)

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Episode notes

Hello and Welcome to the Vaporwave News Network: A Bi-Weekly Podcast about the contemporary Vaporwave Scene. We feature News, Discussion and Current Trends as well as reporting on upcoming releases and events in the vaporwave, future funk and adjacent communities.

This is Episode 4, covering the announcement and controversy around Electronicon 2023. This special stand-alone episode is an interview with the co-founder of the festival (and co-owner of the label 100% Electronica), George Clanton aka ESPRIT空想. We took questions via an anonymous submission form and condensed the nearly endless list of 140+ questions down to 25 questions which covered the main topics and specific details people were curious about. If your exact question was not a ... 

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