United States Of America | Vaping Unplugged Podcast with Skip Murray Ep. 49

Vaping Unplugged Podcast by World Vapers Alliance

Episode notes

Welcome to another episode of Vaping Unplugged Podcast, where we dig deep into the heart of vaping in the USA. We're joined by an incredibly inspiring guest, Skip Murray, whose life story is nothing short of remarkable.

Having started smoking at the tender age of 10, Skip embarked on a transformative journey, turning to vaping in 2015 as a means to quit smoking, marking the beginning of her advocacy for tobacco harm reduction. Her personal story adds layers of depth to her advocacy, as she herself was diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and depression in 2020, showcasing her resilience and strength in facing life's challenges.

Beyond her direct service work, Skip's passion for harm reduction led her to co-found and volunteer for the Safer Nicotine Wiki, a platform aimed at spreading knowledge and supporting individuals in their ... 

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