Vacation Rental Marketing- The What and Why of Digital Presence with Lynzee Krohne

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Episode notes

Today, we have Lynzee Krohne, a marketing expert and Founder of Leo and Laine on the show to discuss the importance of digital presence for your airbnb or vacation rental property. Read the key points here.Time Stamped Notes(00:00) Introduction(02:00) What is a digital presence(05:30) Avenues you may be forgetting(06:15) Tips for a new owner(08:20) Be the concierge connection(10:00) TikTok, Instagram, and Short Form(11:45) Go beyond the Airbnb character limits(12:55) How Lynzee got into marketing(15:25) A recap on what to focus on(18:07) Marketing for managers vs individual hosts(20:00) Wrap up and how to contact LynzeeLearn more about Lynzee Krohne and Leo and Laine.Follow:

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