S01 E114 - How to Find Cleaners for Airbnb? Questions to Ask When Hiring a Cleaner for Your Vacation Rental.

Vacation Rental & Airbnb Mastery by John Candelario
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Nov 03 2022

John Candelario (00:00):
Hi everybody. John here again, and thanks for tuning in to another episode of Vacation Rental and Airbnb Mastery. Today I want to talk about basically all the questions you should ask when you're hiring an Airbnb cleaning service. I run one of the largest Airbnb cleaning services in the country. We turn over thousands of vacation rentals every single month, and we come across the same questions from our owners and host. The questions seem to repeat themselves over and over, and I thought doing a good FAQ for owners looking to hire a cleaning service would be helpful because everyone needs a great turnaround cleaning service, right? Finding a good turnover cleaning service is kind of tricky. You can Google Airbnb cleaning services, Google vacation rental cleaning, a

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