$0 to $100K in Airbnb bookings in under a year. Tim shares his story.

Vacation Rentals with John by Vacation Rental & Airbnb Coach

Episode notes

In today's episode, Tim shares his story on how he grew his vacation rental business from 0 bookings to over $100k in bookings in under a year.

Key highlights:

  • Find out who your target guest is (Families, sports teams, etc.)

  • Visualize how they will interact with your home and build, design, or decorate for your target guests

  • Design with your pricing strategy in mind

  • Assemble a great team to support your airbnb business

  • Be prepared to make mistakes, it is all part of the airbnb hosting journey. Learn from them, try not to make the same mistake twice, accept the fact that airbnb hosting is new to you and adjust - keep moving forward.

  • Think about the environment changes, step back and evaluate, and course correct if necessary

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