Inflation and the Airbnb Economy. John and Tim share their outlook for August 2022 and beyond.

Vacation Rentals with John by Vacation Rental & Airbnb Coach

Episode notes

John and Tim share their outlook on the Airbnb economy in August 2022.

Key episode highlights:

  • High inflation coupled with children returning back to school equals a slowdown

  • Don't panic - make sure your airbnb is really clean, well maintained, and has a key differentiating factor

  • Every area of the country has an off-season, so its best to not panic and be prepared for next year!

  • Dropping rates may work, but you will have a long-term negative impact, parties, property destruction, and wear and tear

  • Know your seasonal times for your area

  • Having the right expectations helps you set the course. A lot of worry stems from unrealistic income goals

  • Do not race to the bottom, by having a key differentiating factor like themed r ... 

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