6 Follow-Up Tips to Deliver a 5-Star Post-Checkout Experience on Airbnb

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Episode notes

When you follow-up with your Airbnb guests, great things happen. Today, Tim and John discuss 6+ follow-up tips to deliver a 5-star post-checkout experience on Airbnb and VRBO.

  1. Send checkout instructions 24 hours before checkout day

  2. Invite feedback from your guests to improve the future guest experience & respond to the feedback

  3. Follow up with your guests a couple of days post check-out to continue the dialogue

  4. Collect information to create follow up opportunities and stay top of mind (think holiday emails, happy birthday, etc)

  5. Appropriate frequency to follow-up with your guests & create repeat bookings

  6. Do not chase 5-star reviews as the objective, chase an awesome guest experience and the reviews will follow

The 5-star review is your ... 

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