Hear from the formerly incarcerated Indigenous women transforming Lake County Drug Court

Unpacking Injustice by Montana Innocence Project

Episode notes

Dana Comes At Night, Lisa Brueggeman, and Stacy Markus play instrumental roles in the Adult Drug Court program located in Polson, Montana, which serves Lake County defendants receiving treatment for crimes relating to substance use disorder. Along with more than half of the participants, all three women are Indigenous. Dana is enrolled in the Blackfeet Nation, and Lisa and Stacy are members of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes.

Indigenous defendants face the additional hurdle of navigating the complex generational trauma resulting from colonization. This was true for Dana, Lisa, and Stacy during their personal justice involvement. Today, they serve as examples of women from their communities who survived the system. They draw on their shared experiences with participants to infuse sincerity, truth, and understanding into the progr ... 

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