Unmute Yourself

by Charity Haderlie

At the Unmute Yourself podcast, we believe that empowering women is key to strengthening families, businesses, and ultimately the world. This is a place for christian women who know they were designed for more but are unsure of where to start.

Together, we'll explore how to break free from limitations so you can unmute yourself in all aspects of life, amplifying your influence and inspiring others along the way.


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Podcast episodes

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  • The Motivation Mirage

    The Motivation Mirage

    Show Notes for "Unmute Yourself" Podcast Episode 2: The Motivation Mirage Host: Charity Haderlie Introduction: - Welcome to the Unmute Yourself podcast! - Episode focus: Unraveling the mysteries of motivation. Main Ideas: - Motivation as a Mirage: - Common struggle: Waiting for motivation to tackle tasks. - Myth: Motivation can be created out of thin air. - Reality: Motivation often feels elusive and out of reach. - Unlocking Motivation: - Insight from Dr. Irene O'Brien, neuroscientist. - Best way to increase motivation: Make progress in meaningful work, no matter how small. - Start with simple, manageable tasks to build momentum. - Practical Examples: - Desk Organization: - Clear one corner or organize a single drawer. - Each small task completed gives a dopamine boost. - Gradual progress leads to a sense of accomplishment. - Workout Routine: - Change clothes and put on shoes to prepare. - Set a timer for 10 minutes and start. - Small efforts can build into a full workout. - Key Quotes: - Jerome Bruner: “You're more likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action.” - Emphasis on action leading to motivation, not the other way around. Why Motivation Feels Elusive: - Motivation strikes rarely and is not a reliable source. - Occurs due to a combination of various factors like goals, rewards, and mindset. - Crafting the perfect motivational storm is unrealistic. Invitation to Listeners: - Take the first step: Start with a simple, meaningful task. - Activate a feedback loop of progress and accomplishment. - Remember, action is the shortcut to motivation. Conclusion: - Embrace the power of small steps to overcome the motivation mirage. - You've got this! Call to Action: - Subscribe, rate, and review the Unmute Yourself podcast. - Share your stories and experiences with motivation on social media.

  • Better Than Perfect

    Better Than Perfect

    Summary: In this episode of the Unmute Yourself podcast, Charity Haderlie dives into the pitfalls of perfectionism and the freedom that comes with embracing imperfection. She shares personal anecdotes and insights, reminding listeners that striving for perfection can often hold us back from reaching our true potential. Key Points Discussed: 1. The Illusion of Perfection: - Media and magazines often present an unattainable image of perfection. - Charity shares humorous and relatable stories, like her dog rolling in horse manure during a family photo shoot, to illustrate the unrealistic standards we sometimes set for ourselves. 2. Perfection as a False Measuring Stick: - Perfection is not a healthy or realistic goal. - Mistakes are a natural part of learning and growth. 3. The Impact of Perfectionism: - Perfectionism can prevent us from trying new things and exploring our full potential. - Charity encourages listeners to reflect on opportunities they've embraced despite initial doubts and fears. 4. Swim Story: - Adam Grant's journey as a diver illustrates how chasing a perfect score can be detrimental. - The realization that perfection doesn't exist in many contexts led to greater success and growth for Adam. 5. Setting Realistic Goals: - Aim for a "solid 8" rather than a perfect 10 to maintain authenticity and connection. - Charity shares her own experience with her TEDx talk and the importance of aiming for achievable goals. 6. The Importance of Authenticity: - Perfectionism can lead to superficial relationships and experiences. - Embracing flaws allows for genuine connections and personal growth. 7. The Power of Imperfection: - Sophia Bush's quote: "You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously." - Embracing imperfections can inspire others and create meaningful, authentic connections. 8. Actionable Takeaways: - Write a letter of appreciation to yourself. - Recognize that you are already a masterpiece and worthy of appreciation. Closing Thoughts: Charity wraps up the episode by inviting listeners to consider how accepting their imperfections could positively influence their lives. She encourages embracing flaws and using them as a source of strength and inspiration for others. Call to Action: - Join the 30-Day Mindset Reset Challenge: Invest 5-10 minutes per day to learn powerful shifts that can transform your life with Charity's Book: "Perspectives: Change Your Lens, Change Your Life" (Second Edition with the blue cover) available on Amazon. Links: Get Charity's Book: -Perspectives Change Your Lens Change Your Life Connect with Charity Haderlie: - Website: www.CharityHaderlie.com - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charity.haderlie - Email: charityhaderlie@gmail.com Thank you for listening!

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    Welcome to the Unmute Yourself Podcast, where we believe that empowering women is key to strengthening families, businesses, and ultimately the world. This is a place for women who know they were designed for more but are unsure of where to start. Together, we'll explore how to break free from limitations so you can show up in the world as a powerful influence for good, inspiring others along the way. So whether you're a stay-at-home superhero, a working wonder, a blend of both, or on a different path, this podcast is your catalyst for growth. Let's link arms and walk this journey together. Are you ready? It's time to Unmute Yourself. Meet Your Host Hi there! I'm Charity Haderlie, and it is my mission to help you unmute yourself in all aspects of life. When you amplify your influence, you create a ripple effect that can change the world for the better! I'm a mom to four pretty awesome kids and wife to my sweetheart since 1998. I also happen to be an accomplished speaker, best-selling author, business coach, pickleballer, power-napper, disciple of Christ, and co-founder of Salt River Investments. In addition, as the founder of the Women's Connection Summit, Ignite Your Champion Event, and the Fueling Confident Women Global Perspectives Summit, I have a history of striving to empower and inspire women everywhere. But before all of that, I. Am. Charity. A woman learning to unmute myself through personal, professional, and spiritual growth, and that's what you'll find here. The Deets New episodes drop on the first and third Wednesday each month. Please subscribe and hit notifications. Now let’s link arms and walk this journey together. It's time to Unmute Yourself.