Universal SpiritExplicit

by Karma's Eyes Psychic, LLC

We will explore the spirituality of cultures, and religions all over the world. We will talk with spiritual teachers, psychics, witches male and female, and share all paranormal and unexplained events. Learning a bit about what you don't know, will help you see better the things you do know.

Podcast episodes

  • Mindful Meditation

    Mindful Meditation

    Just a 5 minute Meditation of Gratitude!

  • The Effects of Gratitude


    The Effects of Gratitude


    We will talk about how Gratitude effects the mind, body, and spirit!!

  • Pluto-Aquarius Transit Dream Series


    Pluto-Aquarius Transit Dream Series


    This is a series of dreams I have had over the last few months!

  • A Tattling Vibration


    A Tattling Vibration


    We are talking about how to read our spiritual vibration, and how we can be aware pf it. I use an example from a story my mother told me recently, about when a co-worker owed her some money; and inexplicably the vibration of the co-worker's intentions and my mother's intention caused the universe to intervene!Is it possible we can wear our aur or vibration on our sleeves?!

  • Interview with An Author

    Interview with An Author

    We are talking with Nicole Colella, author of Kickstart Your Tarot Business: A Professional's Guide to Building Your Business! Nicole Colella is a Certified Tarot Reader (CTR) and a Professional Tarot Reader (PTR) under the training of renowned Tarot Master and author, Dusty White. Based in New Jersey, she does readings internationally for private, group and corporate events, both in-person and virtually.Reach Nicole at www.Cardshaper.com Link to Book: https://www.amazon.com/Kickstart-Your-Tarot-Business-Professionals/dp/B0C1J7F21C/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=kickstart+your+tarot&qid=1681932886&sr=8-3