Universal SpiritExplicit

by Karma's Eyes Psychic, LLC

We will explore the spirituality of cultures, and religions all over the world. We will talk with spiritual teachers, psychics, witches male and female, and share all paranormal and unexplained events. Learning a bit about what you don't know, will help you see better the things you do know. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 7

  • S07 E04 - Moving On and Expansion

    S07 E04 - Moving On and ExpansionExplicit

    We talk about what we do or what we can do to move on and keep on expanding. We rehash coming out, losing the circle, finding our tribe and how we can put it all together an move on.

  • S07 E03 - Finding Your Tribe

    S07 E03 - Finding Your TribeExplicit

    We will discuss after coming out, loosing the familiars, how we find the people we are meant to be around. The journey, methods and a few side notes to being in alignment with the same purpose.

  • S07 E02 - Loosing Your Social Circle

    S07 E02 - Loosing Your Social Circle

    We discuss what happens after coming out as spiritual. We talk about how spiritual people develop picking and choosing the people and environments they decide to enter into from now on!

  • S07 E01 - Coming Out As Spiritual

    S07 E01 - Coming Out As SpiritualExplicit

    We are discussing when you relized you were a powerful spiritual being! We are also discussing why religion does not work for spiritual people!

  • Season 6

  • S06 E03 - Water Signs Rant pt2

    S06 E03 - Water Signs Rant pt2

    I will go through a few facts about Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, then explain a few of their stereotypes, and things most people probably didn't know about these Water Signs. You all know Astrology is one of my favorite subjects, ...