#6 | PC3 & PC5 JOINT LIVE DEBATE | Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Democracy

Union of European Federalists | Meetings and debates by UEF Secretariat

Episode notes

This event wants to investigate such issues and create awareness on these topics. Moreover, the challenges represented by new technologies embody a growing concern for international security: from the safety of the electoral process, to the new usages of the A.I. for new warfare technologies represent matters of study and policy for elected officials and stakeholders in Europe.The cybersecurity discourse became a central citizens' experience: from the protection of private data, the relationship with hi-tech giants, to the protection of fairness of the electoral system, our societies, national and European institutions are called to extra efforts to guarantee a safe environment for citizens' life and secure environment.It opens new frontiers in protecting personal liberties and domestic  ... 

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