unDunn Podcast

by William Dunn

The unDunn podcast is a weekly podcast that explores society & culture, and dives into the motivations and events that mold the current political climate in the United States and throughout the world. A variety of guests from fellow podcast hosts, journalists, professors, and every day people come and talk on the show. Join William Dunn to cut through the bulls**t! For inquiries please contact info@undunnpodcast.org

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Tr$llionaires Part 1

    Tr$llionaires Part 1

    After President Biden announced his new infrastructure package, a fight in Washington began over how much we should raise taxes. On this episode we dive in to examine our current tax code. What we uncover is truly unsettling. This will be a multi part series that chronicles the dismantling of our tax system that has allowed the top 10% to exploit, leading to a annual tax-gap of $1,000,000,000,000 dollars a year. This money is crucial to the greater prosperity of the American people, but the top 10% income earners have been getting away with tax fraud, avoidance and non-compliance. The IRS published in September of 2019 the findings of tax years 2011-2013, where they found the Tax Gap is a colossal $441 Billion dollars. Now the IRS Chief Charles Rettig and Fed Chair Janet Yellen are blowing the whistle that the tax gap is now 1 Trillion dollars.

  • Monday Monday Monday

    Monday Monday Monday

    A new player has entered the chat! I sit down with Stephen and Nabi to discuss Gun Violence in the United States, the nuclear family, and honestly things that I probably don't even remember! We ask if the United States has a uniquely violent culture, and is there any solutions to the growing problem of despair that vulnerable Americans are facing increasingly. Funny fact, we planned on making this episode 30 minutes, that clearly didn't happen. Make sure you go sign up for the newsletter on the website undunnpodcast.org

  • unDunnpodcast.org


    Short and sweet this week! I've had quite a full schedule this week, but we've been busy behind the scenes getting everything together. The website is finally up and running! Go check it out at undunnpodcast.org We will be starting a monthly book club, this month is Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-Click America by Alec MacGillis. I will have much content upcoming this week, but be sure to stay for the end of the episode for a trailer for the upcoming episode series "Vote or Die"

  • 900 Days Later with John Van de Pol

    900 Days Later with John Van de Pol

    It's been over 900 days since John was last on! Long lost friends reconnected after being torn apart from the COVID pandemic, a true love story. In this episode, John and I play catch talking about the Pandemic, our beers, conspiracy theories, among a litany of issues! Follow me on Instagram @william_undunn and make sure you follow me on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen!

  • Getting Schooled with Partial Credit

    Getting Schooled with Partial Credit

    This week I hopped on with Lily and Lucas from the Partial Credit Podcast. Partial Credit is an education podcast with a twist! This episode we talked about everything from our education system to America returning back to "normal". Listen to Partial Credit on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. https://spoti.fi/3ddRMjw Follow them on their Instagram @partial.credit.pod Lucas on IG @sacredplaydoh Lily on IG @deadlypineapple13 Shoot them an email @ partial.cred.pod@gmail.com