Get to Know Dr. James Trosko, Professor Emeritus, Part 1

Under the Microscope With Scintica by Scintica

Episode notes

Welcome to part 1 of the Under the Microscope with Dr. James Trosko.

Dr. James Trosko received his Ph.D. in radiation genetics. Later, Dr. Trosko did a postdoctoral fellowship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1963-66) under Drs. Ernest Chu, Sheldon Wolf, and Richard B. Setlow in DNA damage/repair and in vitro mutagenesis. He issued the first paper showing that normal human cells could repair their UV-damaged DNA. Moreover, He was highlighted on the cover of Cancer Research as one of the researchers who linked gap junctions to the carcinogenesis process.

He created the term, “epigenetic toxicology”, after showing that most of the toxic chemicals in the environment (TCDD, PBB, PCB, DDT, Dieldrin, Adrin, toxaphene, phthalates, PFOA, etc.) were (a) not genotoxic and (b) could inhibit GJIC, reversibly at non-cytotoxic concentrations.

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