E77 - Jessie Shipman, Transformative Teacher

Uncharted Journey by Cathy McKnight

Episode notes

Jessie Shipman has established herself as a pioneer at the intersection of education and technology, paving the way for a brighter future.

As the CEO and founder of Fluincy, Jessie Shipman has blended her teaching and technological skills and fostered an environment where her team can make daily impactful contributions. This approach has helped their customers enable partner selling, transform processes, increase success, and improve the lives of their staff, all in equal measure.

But let's rewind to her beginnings as a high school history teacher. Jessie wasn't your typical memorize-and-forget classroom—oh no! She taught her students the power of actions and decisions throughout history and how they shaped the world we live in today.

When she took on systems administration, her teaching evolved. She became the go-to guru for  ... 

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