Episode 48 – Jill Jago, Committed Communicator

Uncharted Journey by Cathy McKnight

Episode notes
Jill Jago is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Vermouth, a premium, sustainable beauty company that aims to create a line of fully compostable beauty products made from natural ingredients and packaged using absolutely no plastics. She doesn’t believe in perfection and is a language fanatic – a very good combination. Her vast experience has shown her that the most exciting and world-changing ideas are born from a chaotic soup made up of clashing opinions, crazy notions, and stubborn dreams. There isn’t a messy situation she can’t handle by looking for patterns, making connections, and eventually finding then tugging on the end of the thread that will weave all the best bits together into one glorious opportunity. Positive doesn’t begin to describe her demeanor. She firmly believes as humans we have the power to create the future we want. Not one t ...   ...  Read more
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