Amigas Latinas: Latina, Queer, and Together

Unboxing Queer History by Gerber/Hart Library and Archives

Episode notes

"What Does It Mean To Be Latina And Lesbian?"

Founded in 1995, Amigas Latinas was a volunteer-run organization that specifically served the LBTQ Latina community through monthly discussion groups, support groups, workshops, educational training, public programs, and events.

Amigas Latinas was founded by Evette Cardona and Mona Noriega. The group began as a small discussion group and grew to a large volunteer-led organization with monthly pláticas (discussion groups) at members’ homes, salsa nights, workshops, and a variety of other groups to address the needs of Chicago’s LBTQ Latina community. Workshops included assistance for women with children, coming out to family members, navigating the legal system, and education.

This episode includes a long-form interview with founders Mona Noriega and Evette Cardona as well as the vo ... 

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