Ep. 71 Brian Davidson: How to maximize human performance

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

In 2015, Dr. Brian Davidson started a company called MindVue that has been revolutionizing the way organizations build leaders. Its mission is to “build hope, grit, and resilience in millions of people across the globe” by teaching mindset skills. Brian has a passion for figuring out what makes people tick and helping them learn how to tear down barriers that block them from reaching their goals. He believes that anyone can succeed when given the right tools.

You’ll hear:

● Why and how he started the company

● What he considers the most important steps for shifting your mindset

● What MindVue does to help people shift their focus when dwelling on failures

● Why it’s so important to cultivate a GROWTH mindset

● How his 4-year-old son’s words inspired him to keep going at a low point in his life

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