Ep. 60: David Hookstead: A rare journalist warriors trust with their stories

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

Reporter and media personality at Fox News’ Outkick, David Hookstead, also hosts a podcast called American Joyride. For 7 years before that, he was a reporter for The Daily Caller – where he perfected his journalism skills. Over time, he has developed a reputation as a journalist who can be trusted, opening the door to amazing interviews and getting stories that NO ONE else can get. But the journalist’s life is fast paced with high stakes. Also hear how David turned around his unhealthy habits and what keeps him on track now.

You’ll hear:

● Why David had to learn journalism “on the fly” and what makes him unique in a field that often bends the truth

● The #1 tip David gives to aspiring journalists

● What it is about football that makes him obsessed with it

● Why he started the  ... 

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