Ep. 19: Shannon Labrie- Working through her darkest memories

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

All of us go through dark periods of loss and grief. Grief strikes us all differently, and we all cope in our own way. Sometimes your heart aches, and you feel like you can barely breathe. Or, sometimes you don’t truly process it until years later. Nashville singer/songwriter Shannon Labrie opens up about the painful losses in her life and the tough decisions she made that eventually helped her beat grief.

You’ll hear:

  • about her peaceful, musical childhood growing up on a farm, until tragedy struck

  • how grief is a process and how it has come up throughout her life

  • what caused her to finally ask for help

  • her advice for anyone going through grief right now

  • the story behind her new hit single “Raining Hallelujah”

  • about her work on The Building Project

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