Ep. 14: How singer Jeremy McComb fought his way out of addiction

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

Life on the road in the entertainment industry might sound glamorous, but often, there are parts of it that are an absolute nightmare. This week’s guest, musician and former tour manager for Larry the Cable Guy, Jeremy McComb, had an unusual childhood and in his 20s, found himself battling depression and various addictions. They nearly destroyed his life, but Jeremy didn’t stay there. He decided to fight it. Now, his career and personal life are better than ever. In this episode, we talk about what changed and how he became unbeatable.

You’ll hear:

  • About Jeremy’s early life in the mountains of Idaho, the son of professional musicians

  • How he stumbled into being a tour manager on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

  • What addiction was like and how it affected everything around him

  • What the tur ... 

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