Episode notes

Jose Pereira was months away from retiring as the CEO of Citgo after a 35-year career when he and 5 company vice presidents (The Citgo 6) were suddenly arrested and imprisoned in Venezuela, falsely accused of espionage, corruption, and treason. He spent the next 4 years and 8 months as a pawn in a political dispute, not knowing if he would ever see his family again. After finally being released, he has been completely dedicated to using his experience to spread a message of resilience, hope, faith, and survival.

You’ll hear:

  • Why he was in Venezuela and what it felt like to be arrested for no reason
  • The incredible things his family did to help him survive
  • How the ‘Citgo 6’ worked together to get stronger when they were able to see each other again
  • What led to their release and how it felt to finally be free ... 
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jose pereira