Ep. 116- Jeff Tiegs: Striking fear into traffickers and sex predators

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

I’ve probably been asked 1,000 times, “Do you know Jeff Teigs?” Well, now I’m proud to say I do, and I’m excited to introduce you to him. He is a retired Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency expert with over 25 years of service in US Army Special Operations. He’s received numerous awards, including five bronze stars for distinguished service during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and a silver star awarded for valor during combat in Iraq.

Today, he uses his incredible combat and leadership experience as president of the non-profit Skull Games, which hunts sex traffickers, brings them to justice, and frees the oppressed.

What you’ll hear:

  • How we each became "a man" serving in the Ranger Regiment
  • What life was like deploying constantly over a 10-year period
  • Why he started Skull Games and how counter-terroris ... 
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