Ep. 113: Saving My Enemy- the incredible new "Band of Brothers"

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

In honor of Veterans Day, we have a very special episode for you. After any war, including WWII, soldiers are often deeply haunted by what they saw and did during the war. American Don Malarkey and German Fritz Engelbert, both depicted in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers for fighting in one of the biggest military operations of all time, were no different. For 60 years, they held onto guilt and pain from WWII…until something happened that changed the rest of their lives and gave them peace.

Today I’m joined by Don's daughter, Marianne, and Fritz’s sons, Matthias and Volker, to hear about an unlikely close friendship that is almost impossible for veterans who had seen each other as enemies for decades. I was blown away when I first heard their story!

You’ll hear:

  • Why Don and Fritz each joined their country’s mili ... 
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saving my enemy