Ep. 96: Honest answers to tough questions about life and leadership

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

I've decided to take a risk with this episode of Unbeatable. As any great warrior knows, sometimes the enemy is so overwhelming that you must lock arms with another battle buddy to survive. I have a passion for seeing people thrive in the face of difficulties. That's one reason why I created this podcast in the first place.

From across America, 1,200 emerging leaders recently gathered in Washington, DC, to join in a live discussion at the Student Leadership University conference. In this episode of Unbeatable, I sit down with former guest Brent Crowe, and we have an honest conversation about life and leadership that we recorded while at SLU.

Brent and I lock arms and answer some penetrating questions during the episode. We then turned our raw conversation into a joint episode of the Unbeatable and Chasin ... 

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