Episode 35: How To Be a Professional Anarchist

Unapologetic Tawk by Unapologetic Tawk Podcast

Episode notes

So much to cover this episode, with historic student protests and historic police repression in response. We discuss the raids at Columbia and CCNY in New York against the Gaza Solidarity Encampments, the relationship between previous campus protests and current, and review some of the bodycam and press conference footage from those nights. It’s gripping and dismaying.

We visit the story of Jeffrey Maddrey and his NYPD corruption scandal. We review the footage of Maddrey letting a retired cop walk out of the station after voiding his arrest.

Relly and Dimez recount two weeks of protesting the dirty 67th precinct, including Relly’s bogus arrest. Shame on the 67th!

Dimez recounts the recent SWAR events including the first open community event of the year and new merch! They also bring the hosts into a discussion of movement susta ... 

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